For Certified Breathwork Practitioners


We are excited to announce that we'll be working to create more community and offer more trainings specific to current Integrative Breathwork certified practitioners. This page will be used to list upcoming workshops that are for certified folks only and to update you on any pertinent changes in Eupsychia that could involve you.

The trainings specific to certified practitioners will most likely be 4 day intensives that offer one breathwork day, and training in one specific area such as bodywork, building a breathwork practice, creating sacred space, music, technical training and such. We'll bring in trainers that we believe excel in their chosen area. These trainings will assist breathwork practitioners in increasing their skills, learning the latest in a specific area of the work, and of course reuniting with old friends. We'll offer CEU's too. So, stay tuned! If you have a current desire to receive more training in a specific area, email Dawn (Euspychia's new office administrator) at,



• Eupsychia is revamping their training program requirements, and there are a couple of requirements that will include some of the already certified folks. You may be asked to write a reference letter for folks applying to our program, as including a reference letter from an Integrative Breathwork practitioner is part of the application process now. Also, interns will be required to receive ten, 50 minute consults from an Integrative Breathwork practitioner (five consults must be from senior staff) during their internship process. These consults are an opportunity for interns to ask questions, gain more information in an area, receive feedback, recommendations and guidance, and emotionally process what may be coming up for them personally during their training. Certified practitioners may charge their hourly rate for consults, which will be paid by the intern.