Our Story


Eupsychia, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, has been facilitating healing workshops that create deep change in peoples lives since 1975. Founded by Jacquelyn Small, LMSW, our workshops utilize a powerful technique called Integrative Breathwork (an evocative musical journey utilizing breath). Participants access a non-ordinary state of consciousness where patterns may be illuminated and healed, meaning may be discovered, and one's inner wisdom may be accessed.

Today, along with a gifted and inspired team of therapists and teachers from the fields of transpersonal psychology, addiction*/, somatic psychology, yoga and business, we offer workshops and retreats throughout the world for anyone seeking healing and transformation. Eupsychia's purpose is to aid an evolutionary shift, away from pathologizing and towards the acknowledgment that any symptoms we experience are the natural pangs of birthing a new consciousness, and towards a greater sense of self. We see distress symptoms as a call to heal dysfunction, addictions, trauma and other woundings while simultaneously awakening the latent spiritual aspiration that exists in us all. Our process goes well with any other method of therapy people are utilizing. We honor all psychological schools and the various religious/spiritual paths our participants espouse.

Eupsychia's workshops attract seekers and professionals looking for a sacred community of like-minded members of their Soul family. In an environment of loving support and heart-felt company, we of Eupsychia are committed to this process of Self-discovery and a shift to higher, more integrated ways of living and serving. Finding one's true purpose and authentic life's work is an integral part of Eupsychia's mission.

The word "Eupsychia" (pronounced "you-sigh-key-a") was coined in 1962 by Abraham Maslow, the father of self-actualization theory and one of the founders of transpersonal psychology. It comes from the Greek language, with eu meaning good (i.e. euphoria) and psyche meaning mind or soul. So eupsychia essentially means having a good mind or soul. Our mission at Eupsychia, is to facilitate experiences that cultivate a good mind and soul.

The proven outcomes of our program are:

  • Releasing debilitating issues from one's past, including trauma and abuse
  • Finding meaning and sacred purpose to one's life
  • Healing patterns of addiction, poor habits and codependence
  • Gaining techniques for overcoming stress, burnout and anxiety
  • Receiving messages from one's inner spiritual guide or God-within
  • Overcoming depression or unfinished grief
  • Renewed meaning in one's life and career
  • Finding right relationship with one's mate or significant other

Our message is simple: "The healer is within!" And we are all stars just awaiting our time to come fully into ourselves to shine for the world! We need only to recognize this fact to access this built-in creative potential we all share. Thank you so much for choosing to spend your time with us at this vital turning point in our evolution.

See you soon at a Eupsychia event!

Karen Finley Breeding, MA, LPC

Executive Director