Coaching with Jacquelyn Small

Jacquelyn Small, a widely recognized author, teacher, and authority on psychological and spiritual counseling is offering individual coaching sessions by phone between 9:30 am (Central Time) and 7:00 pm on days when she is not traveling or training. Her sessions are one hour and fifteen minutes in length (give or take a few minutes). The fee is $100 for this service. Discover, Visa or MasterCard (and checks or money orders) are accepted. Arrange your appointment by calling (512) 327-2795 and ask for Brenda who will process your credit card information and arrange a time for Jacquelyn to be available to receive your call.

Jacquelyn can do this work with you on a one-time crisis basis, or as on-going psychospiritual guidance. She is both a wisdom teacher and a psychotherapist, so whether you want spiritual or mental guidance, or emotional help, she's able to assist you. Jacquelyn is a transformer, meaning that her way of working with you acts quickly and is all-encompassing, effecting both your body and your soul. She is known for having guided hundreds of people in moving on through troublesome transitions into their awaiting future life, with grace and through the releasing of one's past in ways that really work. She'll give you practical methods to invoke aspects of your selfhood you didn't even know you had! So, with your assistance, she can help shift you to an entirely new level of consciousness so you can walk in your "taller self" and live more from a bigger picture fully infused with a sense of meaning and sacred purpose.



I know that many of you are not in a position to travel to our workshop intensives. Yet, you are being called now to move through some critical life transitions that are confusing and painful, to clear your past so you can meet your emerging future with more ease. Things are now shifting so rapidly in our world, it's easy to get caught up in all the turmoil. So it's quite possible that you need some guidance in how to move forward without falling into some of the traps that can carry you backward into more drama and confusion. My deepest wish is that you can come to one of our transformational group intensives sometime, because the power of the group is exceptionally dynamic and life-changing. In the meantime, however, if you are a sincere seeker, I would love to meet you by phone and offer you efficient help that can bring you to a new place in your life more fitting for your true self. As both a therapist and a teacher, I've had long experience helping folks from all walks of life heal and transform utilizing "psycho-spiritual" approaches. I can help you in ...

  • getting through a painful life transition
  • unblocking your creativity
  • healing grief work or depression
  • gaining a sense of meaning and sacred purpose in your life
  • letting go of the past
  • ending patterns of addiction
  • professional burn-out
  • all kinds of stress-related issues
  • shadow work
  • relationship and gender concerns
  • getting over taking things personally and being too reactive
  • spiritual awakening issues - including knowledge of both spiritual emergencies and spiritual breakthroughs
  • interpreting the subjective symbolic realities, inner messages, and images you meet in your dreams and spontaneous revelations coming from your inner life
  • a deeper understanding of personal transformation and serving humanity

If interested, give Brenda a call at our office in Austin, Texas. She'll set up an appointment for you. You can also e-mail me for an appointment and we'll get started! I'm looking forward to knowing you.

Warmest regards,