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Jacquelyn's books express her theoretical/experiential knowledge of psychospiritual integration, the process that heals the psyche and enables a person to live as a healthy and whole human being. There is a recognition of both the need to integrate our egos, and ultimately, to transcend them. Since we cannot transcend anything we've not adequately developed or healed, our spiritual essence must blend with good psychological health before we can live as our real selves -- spiritual beings involved in a human experience. This merging of our egos and essence happens in the heart. Experiential methods described in her books aid people in actively experiencing these concepts. Psychospiritual Integration is a 'psychology of completion' that brings us into our wholeness as both human and divine.

Psychospiritual Integration is easily grasped by therapists and teachers who understand that the healer is within and not outside us in some external authority. Therapists and spiritual guides who know how to activate and honor this internal healing mechanism, and who are willing to empower their clients' spiritual essence, create conditions for optimal change and transformation in the people they serve. This psychospiritual approach Jacquelyn has helped pioneer is the future of the mental health and addiction recovery fields of service.