A New Year's Message
from Jacquelyn Small

         Today, for people "on the Path," there's a strong yearning to awaken to a new level of consciously knowing ourselves. We've been living this oh-so-human life a long time now, and have gotten pretty bored with seeking ego gratification.  So we're being called now to turn inward to uncover more of the magical mystery of our true Self and our relationship to the transcendent life.  Perhaps a synthesis of the highest duality is taking place -- the marriage of the human with the divine.
         The human/divine Self is designed to reweave the threads that link human thought with soul and spirit. As you unveil your true Self, guided by your own souls' wisdom, you will gain a whole new sense of self-confidence in your own way of knowing truth. Not through textbooks, not through listening to others, or bowing to ministers, gurus, and priests, but by going within and finding the treasures buried in your own psyche – this is the awakening we seek. No longer dependent on dogma or outer authorities of any kind, we become creative free thinkers.
I believe humankind is at this major turning point in our whole reason for being. So we are all starting to feel our identity shift, coming closer to embodiment as soul-infused personalities. And we don't have to passively wait for this to happen; we can invoke it right now.  So perhaps "mastering any personality issues still in the way of our full awakening" can be our New Year's Resolution this year.  2015 is "an 8 year" in Pythagorean numerology.  The symbolic number 8 is two equal spheres in an infinitely flowing union of heaven and earth. At the intersection of these two spheres is where our soul lives in the fullness of being. We can each focus on this image of the 8, decide this is our truth, and soul consciousness will become our reality. And the further we deepen into this process, the more we will realize that the journey itself is our Home.  There is no place to go; there is only someone to be. What a world this would be if we all lived as our true human/divine inviolate Self!
         Many warm thoughts to all of you who have been a part of our Eupsychia family as you witness your entire way of being start to magically transform.  I so honor you for your willingness to be such conscious and devoted Beings of Light on this precarious journey of awakening.  May 2015 be a liberating year for all of you!
                                    With much Love,
                                    Your fellow traveler, Jacquelyn



The Eupsychia Process
Groupwork for The Current Age

by Jacquelyn Small

The Eupsychia Process is the experience of inner work that awakens us to our true heritage as spiritual beings learning to be human. First, we must have felt the need for working on ourselves. We've faced the fact that something is blocking us from being as loving, peaceful and wise as we wish to be. Then, we willingly seek out methods that can unleash our contaminated emotions and distorted ways of thinking, until we can rest assured that we've reached the bottom of whatever ego needs and illusions we've allowed to rule our lives. This is the process of psycho-spiritual integration we refer to in our work. This type of cathartic inner work unfolds most gracefully in groups of accepting, non-judgmental people accompanying us in this journey of awakening. The Eupsychia Integrative Breathwork workshops and Six-Day Intensives offer this therapeutic setting.

The Greek word we use often for transformation is metanoia, which means 'a change in perspective,' or 'repentance.' It's not an acceptance and repenting of sin, as so often taught in orthodox religion; it's an intense experiential movement toward more and more Self-knowledge. Since we live in a world of duality, everything has its direct opposite. Transformation doesn’t wipe out our negative traits; it recognizes and owns them, and then turns them into their positive counterparts: Subservience becomes humility. The need to dominate others becomes assertiveness or leadership expressed appropriately. Jealousy becomes acknowledgement of a positive quality we possess and are not expressing. Check it out. Examine your foibles and look at each one in its positive light. What were you learning? And be thankful that your shadow reminds you of places where you still need growth. Our intense urge to awaken is all we need in order to be catapulted along this path, with our highest Self in the lead.

When doing transformational inner work, here is an important reminder: It is never good to get stuck in guilt or blaming ourselves for the errors we've made. This just creates more shadow. Instead, we learn to trust the process, recognizing that our commitment to the path will bring us the lessons we need to reveal the blind spots in our psyche -- our still unconscious ways of behaving. As we move along, we realize that everyone is human and everyone makes mistakes in life, even the most enlightened among us. So we simply face and own our erroneous ways with heartfelt honesty. And here's the good news: Often, just making them conscious heals them!

When we examine how we've sometimes run amok, we discover that our errors occurred in our innocence or in some mistaken notion about some aspect of life we didn't know enough about. Temporary shame can be a healing psychic event that helps awaken us. Lingering guilt, however, cripples us and saps our ability to heal.

Here are the 5 basic stages in our journey of awakening when we undergo the procedures of transformational Self-knowledge:

1) We seek, always on the quest for that greater and greater hidden truth. This questing is never forced on us, nor is it bestowed upon us; we must ask... "seek and ye shall find." The quest gives our life meaning. We always remain a seeker so as to continually experience the new and endless depths of Self-knowledge.

2) Because what we seek is really already known deep inside us, we continually find more and more of that which we already are. We discover in our very core there is a Presence that needs to be recognized and affirmed. This is our true Self. We already knew it was there or we would not seek it. The quest is always a greater and greater opening to that which already is.

3) Going within and discovering the very source of our Being, we become troubled by how we've allowed our egos to direct us through life in unconscious ways. We see this as a false self and begin to radically question our ordinary view of life. As an example, when quantum physicists discovered we are both the particle and the wave (in my words, both the ego and the soul), the scientists were disturbed because this does not fit with their logic. We are deeply troubled by having to let go of thinking that we know reality. It's as though our foundation is knocked right out of us, and we feel lost.

4) This eventually leads us into wonder and awe. We marvel as more and more is revealed to us about who we truly are and how life is unfolding. The revelation that comes is the realization that we are One with all that is, that the same Spirit that moves the heavens and earth is the same energy that moves us. Marveling is the beginning of wisdom. There is a resonance between our intelligence and the entire cosmos, of which we are all a part.

5) Now, we can live in the peace of simply being. Our thinking and feeling become united, and we can see beyond any duality into a higher, more unified way of living in this world. We now see ourselves as no longer separate from the world. And we are free from the need for outer authority to tell us how to live. The same energy that moves the stars and mountains moves us. We come into the silence, knowing the kingdom of God is within us, and we live in repose as our true essential Self.

Whoever searches
must continue to search
until they find.
When they find,
they will be disturbed;
and being disturbed, they will marvel
and will reign over All.
-The Gospel of Thomas, Logion 3

We can 'reign over All' the difficulties in our lives as we practice remembering that we are spiritual beings learning to be human, not the other way around! In the silence of our hearts we meditate on this remembrance. And though we usually don't talk about this openly, we simply keep it in mind, learning to live day-to-day as that one we truly are.