Become a Practitioner

Integrative Breathwork Training and Certification Intern Program

Our training program is grounded in the fact that healing ourselves and helping others is all one process. To become certified in Integrative Breathwork, an adequate healing of one's past issues is part of the requirement for certification. Because of this, the first step to certification in Integrative Breathwork is to do your own work by attending breathwork workshops as a participant.

Some people enter our certification program with the intention of facilitating breathwork workshops, and others enter our program to deepen their understanding and experience of breathwork with no intention to ever facilitate. Either way, you are welcome to apply to our training program, and all applications are considered equally regardless of intention. Those interested in our training program come from diverse backgrounds, such as counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, coaches, reiki practitioners, massage therapists, nurses, chiropractors, acupuncturists, yoga teachers, etc. We require that an applicant be a licensed or certified professional working in their field. Exceptions may be made for folks who have an extensive personal history with Integrative Breathwork. Integrative Breathwork is a powerful healing modality, hence the reason for this requirement.

Only folks who have attended at least one 6 day and two 3 day Integrative Breathwork workshops with Eupsychia will be considered for the training and certification intern program. Attending a breathwork workshop as a participant is the best way for you to decide if this is the right path for you.


Training Information:

Our training program is experiential and didactic, and occurs mostly at our workshops. Once you have been accepted into our certification program, you will attend workshops as an intern. You may take as long as you feel is needed to complete the certification program, and may not complete the program in less than one year. Once you are certified, you may attend weekend intensives that are for Integrative Breathwork practitioners only. These intensives offer CEU's and are a wonderful way to stay connected to the community while at the same time expanding your knowledge of "the work."

Intern Requirements:

  • Attend at least four Eupsychia weekend workshops as an intern. At least two of these must be a 3 day Eupsychia workshop.
  • Attend one Mystery School weekend workshop.
  • Attend at least two 6 day workshops as an intern. Interns and staff arrive 1-3 days prior to participants' arrival. During this time, interns will receive additional training in bodywork, music preparation, technical training, transpersonal psychology, mandala and symbolic artwork, creating a breathwork practice, creating a sacred and safe space, and group facilitation. Jacquelyn Small also provides teaching during this time to interns.
  • Reading and group discussion of the following books by Jacquelyn Small: Becoming Naturally Therapeutic, Transformers, Awakening in Time, Embodying Spirit, and The Sacred Purpose of Being Human. Read other books and handouts as required.
  • Conduct one practice breathwork session with friends or interested participants.
  • Prepare one breathwork music set for Karen's approval and feedback.
  • Ten 50 minute individual consultations with a certified breathwork practitioner. Five of these consultations should be with a member of senior staff, and may be conducted face to face, by telephone or Skype.

Once these requirements are met, Karen and the senior staff will invite you to graduate, and receive your Integrative Breathwork certification.

Eupsychia's training program will aid you in shifting from traditional to more emergent forms of healing and transformation. You'll be taught to communicate with your clients in a way that's acknowledging and accepting of diversity in all its forms. You'll be able to guide others through the psychic openings and death/rebirth phases of personal transformation, having traveled this psychospiritual journey yourself.

In undergoing this training, you will become empowered to explore ways to integrate Breathwork into your current scope of practice. As I've heard Jacquie say many times, the only way out is through. If you are feeling called to commit more deeply to breathwork, and have attended at least one Eupsychia 6 day, and two Eupsychia 3 day workshops, please complete the Integrative Breathwork certification packet.

Thank you so much for your interest in our program,